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Annalisa Wren

My name is Annalisa, and I am a full time missionary with YWAM Circuit Riders. Our purpose as Circuit Riders is to carry the love of Jesus to university and high school campuses across America and creatively catalyze the schools and their regions into salvation, awakening, and multiplication. Though these campuses are some of the most unreached places to be found in America, Circuit Riders are devoted bring the love and hope of Jesus to our generation, no matter the cost. We are a movement of lovers of Jesus dedicated to presenting the simple gospel to our peers where they are, praying for the lost and broken, and equipping and training students to reach their campus and go out and fulfill the great commission throughout the world.

Among the many things I will be doing as a staff member, I will have the immense honor of leading students through our Discipleship Training School, participate in our bible training course called Field Training, leading ministry teams across America, leading worship at our events on our nation-wide tour, stewarding and developing my skills as a musician and worship leader, traveling to help with tent revivals, and sharing the Good News of Jesus with many people worldwide.

Many say America is beyond repair, but I am giving my life to see Jesus glorified in our nation, as the harvest is so plentiful (Matthew 9:37)!

I would be honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me to help ignite a generation into being catalysts that will touch the world. I long to see captives liberated and every person fully alive in the love of God.

May Jesus receive everything He died and rose for!

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