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Anthony & Lauren Uriarte

Anthony & Lauren Uriarte


We are a part of a collaborative team desiring to make Jesus famous. We want to see believers activated to love like Jesus in radical ways that will bring about a great harvest in America. We have many different initiatives ranging from gospel training schools, women’s gatherings, evangelistic tents & stadiums, university & high school tours, and many more, but all are pointing in the same direction: to inspire a generation to love like Jesus.

We have been based with the team in Huntington Beach, CA for the past 4 years and love running with this family of revivalists. The past 12 years I (Lauren) have been a part of many different ministries including the International House of Prayer in KC, Justice House of Prayer/The Call, YWAM Kona and YWAM Harrisburg, PA. Life with Jesus is our favorite thing and we just want the whole world to love Him!

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