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Andriana Topatsi

Andriana Topatsi


Hey fam!

I’m Adriana and I'm currently a missionary with the Circuit Riders!!!

CR  is a ministry that focuses on reaching university students with the Gospel and discipling them to go and also share the love of Jesus.

Ever since I was a kid I remember enjoying conversations about God, I would always find myself in  situations where people would talk about Him as a foreign distant deity, but ever since I met Jesus I have been marked with the longing to tell everyone about Him.

I’m tired of people misrepresenting Him and then thinking He's not enough!

What I am going to be doing the next 3 months is travelling all across the United Kingdom and Ireland, hosting nights of worship and teaching, going out to the streets to evangelise and equipping my generation to do the same!!

In order to do that I am going to need £1500 which would cover

• Food

• Other living expenses

• Transportation in the cities

• A plane ticket

Every pound would go straight to reaching people with the Gospel!

If 100 donate £15 I would be able to reach my goal!

By your prayers and support, it's like you are going with me! What you are bringing and sowing into the Kingdom matters.

It is all for Jesus.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this.

You are so so loved


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