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Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor


Friends, thank you for partnering with me to bring the love of Christ to America with the organization Circuit Riders. Together we can change the next generation and see them rise up for Christ and bring Jesus into the world. This can change everything.

As a team leader of our high school team I have a unique assignment! We have created an assembly called Carry the Love. We share this message across the country in High Schools and Middle Schools. Our assembly exposes the normalcy of negativity and empowers them to respond with love instead of apathy. This coming year I have an amazing opportunity to continue the work of sharing hope in Middle and High Schools around the country. If there was ever a time where vision of what Gospel-centered love and hope can do to transform a community, the time is now! Students are hungry to hear the good news!

This year I have the opportunity to serve in many capacities. I will be a Team Leader which requires me to plan the tour, events and coordinate the logistics from start to finish. We have a unique opportunity of raising up new leaders and teams so I will be training new leaders on how to effectively execute the logistics of the tour and communicate the message. In this new initiative, we will be developing curriculum to share with schools to activate the message of sacrificial love. I have the privilege of being heavily involved in this process. This curriculum will be in partnership with educators and administration within schools for the optimal reach of the message of Carry the Love. Also, with the generation being highly engaged in multimedia and visual entertainment, I serve also as the Visual/Creative Director of Assembly. Finally, once I am on tour, I also am one of the Assembly Communicators on the team and also often preach the Gospel during the evening sessions after school when doing a ministry partner event.

Thank you for responding to the stirring in your heart. The ministry of Jesus Christ cannot be done alone. We all have a part to play. Now today, let’s carry the love into every part of the world.


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