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Angelina Stupak

Angelina Stupak


Hello everyone! My name is Angelina Stupak. I am 17 years old and am from Florida, USA.


I grew up in a Christian household and always knew of family & friends that either decided to become missionaries or had already been serving in the field. Throughout my life, just the thought of serving the Lord in a different nation with the chance to spread the Gospel to those who have and haven’t heard or known of Jesus, was always intriguing in my mind. As I grew in my teen years, I desired to be used by God in my home church, so I started serving on the Worship team. This not only placed a deeper desire to serve God in any way possible, but also a question within my heart, “is there more that God has in store for my life?”


In the Spring 2024 I had the opportunity to go to God Will Provide Missionary School (GWPMS). The core vision for GWPMS is the spread the Gospel, raise up disciples, and spread God’s Kingdom to all nations. This is the exact calling that God has placed over our lives. Throughout the semester not only did I receive an answer to my questions, that yes, God has so much more in store! God had turned the started spark within my heart, into a full flame, ready to serve and do whatever it took to be the vessel God has called me to be. I learned that in order to fully live for Christ, we need to completely die to ourselves and our own life plan. For the next 3 months I was discipled, taught the basic principles, values, and beliefs of Christianity, and learned that not only do we need to have the character of Christ within us, but walk, talk, and live it out! At the end of the semester, after months of learning, discipleship, and growth in our personal walk with Jesus, each student is then sent out into the mission field to take what they’ve learned and apply in real time.


I have been sent to Vanuatu, an island chain in the Pacific Ocean off Australia. Starting mid-June, I will be serving in Vanuatu for about a year, with a team that is already working and growing in relationship with the locals. We will be doing kids clubs ministry, visiting local churches, villages, and other islands by boat. The team in Vanuatu has already started building a school for the local tribal children and have been growing in relationship with the locals, which is a keyway to encourage the love of Jesus and spread the Gospel to them. This is a very new season where I have not only dedicated my time but my life to Jesus in order to become a full time missionary for as long as God wills.


With this new step I will be taking, I need your help both spiritually and financially. Please keep me and the entire team in your prayers as we continue to serve the islands of Vanuatu and its people.


If it is on your heart to bless me financially through this journey, I would love to partner with you! This is not only a chance to give to the Kingdom of God, but you are generally sowing seeds and there will be a reaping of blessings.


Thank you so much for taking time to read this, it’s greatly appreciated, feel free to share this page with friends, family, and those around you!


May God bless you! - Angelina S.

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