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Abigail Shearer

Abigail Shearer


Hi! My name is Abigail Shearer, and I am a missionary with Circuit Riders!

Circuit Riders is ministry with a heart for college and high school students! We believe in saving the lost, reviving the saved, and training them all! We want to see revival in America, and we believe that God wants to use this generation in that. God has given me a heart for America and for this generation of young people. I believe that there is so much hope and kingdom calling that they are just waiting to step into!

Being a part of CR means helping with their three-month training school in the fall. During that time, we help equip students to reach their generation with the gospel by growing deeper in their personal relationship with the Lord, strengthening their God given talents, and becoming inspired by a community of other young people who want to see the lost saved! I will personally be very involved with the training as a house leader and helping to disciple the students!

After the fall training school, we all go on outreach which is called Carry the Love Tour. On tour we travel to college campuses preaching the gospel through evangelism and worship/ministry nights that are focused on uniting the students and catalyzing them to reach their fellow classmates! We see students saved, set free from anxiety and depression, and even physically healed! It gives me so much hope moving forward because people are so hungry for the truth they just don’t know where to look. The Gospel is the truth and we are the messengers of the Gospel. Jesus has given me such heart to pursue the lost and see the captives set free. I pray that you would consider partnering with me as I continue on this faith journey and obey the call Jesus has given me.

All the love, Abigail

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