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Ashley Rot

Ashley Rot


Hellooo! My name is Ashley Rot!

I’m a full-time missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM)! I completed my Discipleship Training School in March of 2024 at YWAM Madang in Papua New Guinea where I went on my outreach. Because of our extended outreach commitment, my team and I will be serving here on the Madang base until the end of August!

During my 6 month DTS, I spent 3 months in Kona Hawaii at YWAM Ships. Each week we had new theological speakers come in for lectures where we had the opportunities to hear from, learn, and ask questions to people from all over the world. Topics such as Lordship, Father Heart of God, Biblical Worldview, and Relationships were just a few of the many thought provoking sessions. Our speakers travelled from all over the world, including Africa, America and the Pacific Islands! Having the honor to set aside 3 months of full devotion to the Lord and to understand His true character created a beautiful foundation for my relationship with Him and has only increased my hunger of being in His presence. I truly experienced (to the best of my ability) the concept of a sacrificial love and how my identity is rooted in WHO God is and not WHAT I do.

For the past decade, Loren Cunningham —YWAM’s founder— has pushed the Oral Bible Translation and End Bible Poverty Now principles because he believed that everyone deserves the right to the Living Word of God in their mother tongues. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse countries in the world with over 850 languages (and counting) in the country. YWAM Madang is committed to orally translating 33 of the languages into the full Bible and to distributing them to these oral cultured languages! YWAM Madang began running their first ever Oral Bible Translation school this past April and we had the opportunity to welcome 7 different languages from their villages to translate the book of Ruth. I am volunteering as base staff in the kitchen department, which means I have the privilege of cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. for over 100 base staff, translators, and outreach teams! I am so excited to get to work with the Lord in this area and grow myself even deeper into the calling of God over my life.

During my time in Kona, God placed a burning desire in me to read and study God’s word with more background knowledge and a deeper comprehension. As I’ve read through Bible, I now know that God has been highlighting to me and placing it on my heart to complete a second level Bible school with YWAM where I can grow more confident in the story of redemption that Jesus has planned from the beginning and what my identity has been founded upon.

SO! I am so EXCITED to share with you that I have been accepted into YWAM Amsterdam Discipleship Bible School in the Netherlands! This school internalizes every book of the Bible in the span of 3 months and helps believers gain a better understanding of the story of redemption, more thoroughly and historically. I know that the Lord is calling me to study the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God in this next season of life and I cannot wait to read the Bible with a clear storyline of who God is and what mankind was originally created for! I believe that God calls each of us individually to His greater plan, while doing kingdom work according to each of our own God-given desires, all for His glory!

I have no doubt in what the Lord is calling me into with this upcoming school and I ask you to prayerfully consider financially supporting my vision or with a special gift of your choosing and ultimately partner with me and the Lord in this Great Commission work of making disciples!

Having the Lord cause such a sweet stirring in my heart to go back to the Netherlands, where my mom is from is such an exciting thing for me, and I would absolutely love your support! The school is $4000 which covers the costs of food and lodging, however with other expenses such as airfare, visas, personal necessities, etc. I am asking the Lord to provide me with $5000 and I’m asking for you all to partner with me as I plan to study and internalize the Word of God. I know without a doubt that what the Lord calls me to he will bring me through both financially and spiritually! Will you guys please join me in prayer and if you feel led, to partner with me and support my vision financially (or with a special gift of your choosing) and ultimately partner with me and the Lord in this Great Commission work of making disciples!

I have a periodic email newsletter that I would love to get you connected to if you email me at:

Otherwise, I just want to thank everyone who has been so faithful these past few months and who will continue to be faithful in fundraising and prayer! 

The Lord has me in the palm of His plan and I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else!



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