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Aurora Ross

Aurora Ross


Hi there! I am Aurora!

I grew up in a loving, Christian family, knowing Jesus my whole life. I encountered the Holy Spirit and started hearing Him speak for myself and through others for the first time when I was 14. He started radically encountering me in multiple ways. I got so many words spoken over me for my life and my calling, about being on a stage leading worship or preaching. It was super crazy to me because I hated any kind of spotlight in school, but I knew I could do it if it was for God’s glory.

I am now 20 and in the fall of 2023 attended a DTS with Circuit Riders (YWAM) and fell more deeply in love with Jesus and missions than I ever knew possible.

I’ve always loved being creative with media since I was little and would make my cousins make movies with me. Now I love making social media content but have always dreamed and wondered about doing more.  

On tour with Circuit Riders, I helped with media, taking pictures and videos of what God was doing throughout tour and on college campuses. Not only was it so much fun, but the Lord spoke to me so much while behind that camera. After tour I realized how big my passion for ministering through the camera really was. I knew that I couldn’t be done, I couldn’t go home and put away the camera for good.

With that being said, I am going back on tour for ministry AND media!! But this time with Global Mercy Missions! We are taking a Gospel truck around the Midwest, open air preaching/worship/ministry/etc!! I am beyond excited to glorify the Lord through the camera again!  

Unfortunately, flying to the Midwest to travel and live out of a suitcase costs a little bit more than I would hope.

With food (eating out a lot/groceries), transportation (gas/flights), and personal finances, etc.

I need to raise about $2,000 to be fully funded and supported while living away from home for a couple months.

I would really appreciate and love if you would be willing to support me in this journey of missionary life financially and through prayer!!

Thank you!!! I am super thrilled and can’t wait to see how God moves this summer!!

- Aurora <3

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