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Alisa Reale

Alisa Reale


Mission: Alisa was born with a heart for the unloved. She has a passion to excite and speak life into people because of things she’s overcome and been healed of in her past. She will gladly spend her life rummaging for hidden people–the lost, the blind, the deaf, and the brokenhearted. Her mission is to pull them out and rescue them, walk with them, and minister to them.

Background: Alisa spent her adult life serving people in the Greater St. Louis Area before she and her (now) 21-year-old daughter left their “home country” to serve in Middle Tennessee for five years.

Need for Support: Alisa wants to team up with heaven and help believers and pre-believers come into life’s fullness.

“Hurts, wounds, rejection and emotional trauma are a part of our lives, both before and after salvation. These problems are perpetuated when they’re treated as behavior, rather than identity issues. Fortunately, Papa God is committed to our complete healing when we are hungry for real change,” she says.

Alisa will take what seem like hard concepts and make them easy for even a child to understand. She envisions herself teaching others how to think about and see themselves differently, so they’ll be lifted up and empowered out of their circumstances into a place of grace that enables them to be transformed into who God created them to be.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” -Albert Einstein

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