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Anneke Radelich

Anneke Radelich


Hi there, my name is Anneke and I am a full-time missionary in Alaska. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to travel and help people. When I met Christ in college, I wanted to travel and tell others of the One who saved my soul and gave me purpose. All the days of my life, I desire to live fully surrendered and willing to go wherever the Lord needs someone to be His voice, His hands, His feet, unto others calling upon His name.

Before the start of this last summer, I felt the Lord ask me if I would go with Him to Alaska for three months. My response of, “Wherever You are is where I want to be” led to a summer of seeing Him in new ways, and Him impressioning my heart in new ways for a new land and people. He invited me to partner in His plans for Alaska, seeing isolated and seemingly hopeless villages, unreachable by car, come to know their Creator & Restorer as He writes redeemed narratives over this land.

The people of Alaska are special to God. They carry a unique resilience, tenderness, and strength as they are created in His glorious image. However, life in the villages is heartbreakingly dark and heavy. Every teen I have had the blessing of meeting has walked through more than 30 lifetimes should ever see. How wonderful it is to follow the King of Light as He is eager to pull His children out of these storylines!

By the end of the summer, the Lord spoke abundantly clear to my heart, He invited me to move indefinitely to Alaska to continue walking in these storylines He had written me into this summer. I will continue traveling by bushplane or boat to these villages and will continue to walk alongside natives who are catching the flame of Christ and want to see their village come to know Him!

I would be honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with the Lord in His loving plans of redemption in the lives of the natives of Alaska, unto natives reaching natives, then natives reaching the nations. I long to see captives liberated and every person fully alive in the love of God.

His Kingdom come, His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you!


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