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Alexander Prescott

Alexander Prescott


Hello, my name is Alex Prescott.

I grew up in a Jesus loving home in Salem, New Hampshire. I grew up saying I knew Jesus, but I only knew of Him. I had many miracles in my life from Jesus healing the hole in my heart and kidney failure to healing my speech after not being able to speak until the age of 4. As amazing as these signs and wonders are, they do not compare to the true love only God can provide.

I didn't truly meet Jesus until He found me beaten up by the shame that came from following the world. He reached His hand out to me and picked me up. He took off my robe of shame and replaced it with His robe of righteousness. Ever since this moment, I've wanted to scream His name from the mountain tops and show my generation that Jesus is the coolest man ever walking the Earth.

My ministry currently looks like serving at the YWAM Madang base by leading the kitchen here. It has been an interesting season with me not having a fire in my heart for the kitchen, but doing it with all my heart for the Lord. My real heart for ministry is to be traveling the world with Jesus and proclaiming the Good News wherever I go.

For a missionary to be successful, we need prayer and financial support to be able to follow the Lord's will. As a believer, we have a responsibility to finish the Great Commission. As a missionary devoting all their time to the field, I need financial partnership to help finish the Great Commission and disciple our future generation.


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