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Annalise Polier

Annalise Polier


Hi friend! A bit about me:)

I gave my life to Jesus in 2022. He called me out of my darkness when I was at my lowest. My passion for ministry sparked shortly after, when the Lord gave me two vivid dreams of going to the ends of the earth to tell others about what He had done for me, and of His longing for relationship with all. I was then hit with an urgency I cannot describe. It felt like my heart was on fire with love.

I then found YWAM Kona, and applied to do my DTS in the fall of 2023. During my DTS, the Lord healed deep wounds in me that I had built walls around. I truly got to know Him as my Father. I then went on my 3 month outreach to India. These were the most pivotal months of my life. We worked in slum villages, shared the simple Gospel with Hindu and Buddhist believers and watched the power of the Gospel set others free, just as it had done for each of us. We each saw Jesus as the healer, the peacemaker, the counselor, but most of all, our closest friend.

In this next season, God has called me back to YWAM Kona to be a staff leader. Over the course of my DTS, my heart was again lit on fire for discipleship in a way I had never felt. There is no doubt in my mind that I am called to continue reaching the unreached, and discipling other young women by following Jesus' lead.

In any season, supporters are necessary. My first concern is not that my support comes through funds, but through prayer. I ask that you would first support me in prayer by praying for myself and my fellow staff as we lead this DTS. That we would lead them as Jesus would, with wisdom and discernment, and an open heart to the growth the Lord has for us.

If you feel led to partner financially, these are my current needs -

$1,200 in monthly support. This will cover:

• $400/month rent

• Groceries

• Gas

• Living expenses and fees

Thank you for taking the time to read:)


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