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Ashleigh Page

Ashleigh Page


Hello! My name is Ashleigh Page and I am a missionary with Circuit Riders!

Circuit Riders is a missional community based in Huntington Beach, California. Our mission field is our generation. We want to see evangelism trend in America. A Jesus movement is coming to America and it has already begun. Together we have built several missions platforms, projects and campaigns to empower & train leaders, activate every believer, and inspire our generation to love like Jesus.

Circuit Riders is empowered by Youth With A Mission. I work within the worship circle of our organization part-time playing bass and sometimes leading worship and also work in discipleship within our DTS in the Fall. In the fall we train DTS students how to evangelize and preach the Gospel doing local outreach to different universities in California for 2 and 1/2 months.

I also work with discipleship for High school age students with focus on local outreach. I will also be staffing our January DTS then helping lead the international Carry the Love tour. Doing Carry the Love events on international universities. My heart is to see the lost encounter the transforming love of Jesus. And show the lost that he is a friend and savior that will stay by your side through every mountain and valley. Most of all that the saving Gospel of Jesus would be brought to the ends of the earth!

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