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Adelaide Muyoka

Adelaide Muyoka


My name is Adelaide Muyoka and I am a missionary with the Circuit Riders, Carry the Love Kenya.

Our heart desire is to inspire our generation to love like Jesus and to see many young people activated to preach the gospel. We go around the country on University Campuses preaching the gospel and having worship services with the students I did 21 Project Kenya in 2019 and my life was completely transformed and the call of God in my life became clear and in 2021 God led me to to be a missionary with Carry the Love Kenya and we have seen so many people transformed and our heart desire is to reach all the campuses in Kenya and be part of the beautiful story God is writing In Kenya and Africa. This is my second year serving with Carry the Love Kenya.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financially to see a generation saved across the nations and to see Jesus receive the reward of His suffering?

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