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Alvin Muthoka

Alvin Muthoka


On November 13th, 2015 The Lord called me into full-time missions. That day was the day of the massacre that happened in Paris. I remember being before the Lord all day crying out to him because, a man 6 years older than me was doing everything for his God and I, who believe in Jesus, was just at home playing the “Cute Christian” game. That was the day I decided enough was enough. Isaiah 6:8 became my heart response unto God saying “God, here am I. SEND ME.” My heart burned all the more to go and use every gift given to me to win the lost for Jesus!

8 months later I moved out to Huntington Beach, California and left behind my career path as an IT Professional to become a full-time musicianairy (musician/missionary) with an organization called The Circuit Riders. The heart behind Circuit Riders is to shift culture and win the lost with the Gospel, shared in radical love! Our primary focuses are college campuses and high schools!

Now more than ever, we need this! I refuse to sit quiet and dormant while my generation is hurting and broken. People are dying and I’ve got the message of hope they need! I WILL GO!

If you’d like to know more about the Circuit Riders check out their website:

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