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Andrew Motuapuaka

Andrew Motuapuaka


My name is Andrew (Drew) Motu’apuaka.

In late February of this year I attended The Send, which was a stadium gathering of people from all over the country and world. It was a 12 hour day of worship, prayer, and speakers on different topics. The whole day my heart was burning for unreached people groups all over the world. I felt strongly that day the Lord was calling me into full time missions. I wrestled through that for a few months and asked the Lord what stepping into the mission field looked like for me. At The Send I remembered they talked about the mission field also being in our own neighborhoods, schools, and communities which brought a lot of simplicity in it for me.

Although I want to go to the unreached people all over the world, I want to be faithful over what the Lord is putting in front of me now. With that being said, the Lord has blessed me with an opportunity to serve alongside one of my best friends and his wife, Jared and Emily King. They are two very fiery lovers of Jesus who have laid down their lives for the Gospel. They currently serve on campus at Virginia Tech which is where I went to school and played football for five years. I more importantly surrendered my life to Jesus there, and so Virginia Tech has a special place in my heart. Our heart is to see the different ministries on campus and local churches hold hands together and live in community and unity. We will partner with the different ministries and local churches to come together as one to bring the gospel and love on students on our campus in our gameday outreaches. We are believing to see the entire campus and cities come home to the Lord.

Our heart is also to pioneer a Discipleship Training School on campus where students and people can get plugged in and trained up in their true identity in Christ and live on fire for the Lord and make an impact in whatever sphere they feel called to. And as we walk closely with people, empowering them to pioneer communities and movements wherever they go and be the city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

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