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Ali Moore

Ali Moore



My name is Ali Moore and I am very excited to share with you the opportunity God has given to me. Starting in October I will be joining a 6 month discipleship training school called Circuit Riders. Circuit Riders is a YWAM based mission and training community that is geared toward reaching the lost, reviving the saved, and training up the next generation.

What am I doing: The first 3 months of the DTS I'll be in Huntington Beach, CA for a school like atmosphere. This will include daily classes and lectures, training sessions, weekly outreaches, small group discipleship, also training in evangelism in how to reach my generation with the Gospel. Then the last 3 months we will be sent out into our outreach location. Outreach locations are based on the tour we have decided to be a part of, personally I will be a part of the Carry the Love tour. Carry the Love is focused on reaching out to our generation and inspiring them to love like Jesus and walking in relationship with Him. Some main objectives of Carry the Love is to grow confidence in evangelism and leadership, learn how to build community and gather not only believers, but also the lost, and so much more. While on tour we will be traveling all over college campuses, cities, etc. hosting events to reach out to those communities.

Whats next: As I prepare for this mission, I am reaching out to ask you for your support and prayers. I am aiming to fundraise about $13,000. this will go towards lecture fees, housing, food, travel, tour fees, and any other expenses. Any amount of money you would be willing/able to give would mean so much to me! Most importantly, I would also love your prayer support. Prayer during this time is SO important. Specific prayers I'd love is for the next few months in fundraising and preparation, as well as prayer for me and my team during the DTS and tour.

I am so grateful for your support in what the Lord is doing, whether that be prayer or giving.


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