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Anna Maddox

Anna Maddox


Hi! My name is Anna Maddox!

I decided straight out of high-school, to jump straight into God’s calling on my life!! As of Fall 2021, I am joining a group in Huntington Beach, California, called the Circuit Riders!! This training will bring together young believers, like myself, that are passionate about making Jesus KNOWN in our generation!! Musicians, evangelists, artists, and missionaries; brought together to use our gifts to further the Kingdom of God. The last three months of this time will be spent in outreach, traveling to universities across the US to host events and SHARE THE GOSPEL AND LOVE OF JESUS!! As a musician, I planned to pursue music, but instead I will be walking into the calling of speaking/preaching! The Lord put this on my heart, so I’m going all-in to this. My heart burns for this mission: to MAKE JESUS KNOWN IN OUR GENERATION!!

I have experienced the emptiness that this world has to offer, and it breaks my heart that so many of my brothers and sisters are in desperate need of freedom. The presence of Jesus is longing to meet His children!! I believe there is a fire burning in the hearts of us young believers, and I want to see it spread like wildfire!!! It’s a fire of LOVE and FREEDOM found in Jesus alone!!

I believe the Lord is bringing revival, and it is an honor that I get to be the smallest part of it. I would prayerfully like to invite you to partner with me and be the wind in this wildfire!

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