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Anthia Liu

Anthia Liu


In 2015, I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a B.S. in International Business and Film and TV studies. It was during my time as a student that I discovered how critical and strategic campus ministries were in developing a biblical worldview in young leaders. My spiritual formation in Christ grew exponentially during my four years in college, changing the course of my life eternally. I have committed to steward my time, energies, and gifts toward the fulfillment of the great commission mandated by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20.

As a Circuit Rider on the media team, I have the great joy of traveling to campuses across America and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my generation. Through interdisciplinary collaboration on creative projects, discipleship training, and gospel outreaches, I am joining a grassroots movement of innovative thinkers, and creative revivalists who seek to reach young people and make Jesus known. As a united family, we are set on sweeping this nation coast to coast, campus to campus, raising up men and women who will carry the catalytic love of Jesus to the nations and change history.

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