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Alecia Kueter

Alecia Kueter


Hello! My name is Alecia Kueter and I'm twenty-one years old.

I'm a born and raised rural Iowan. I was raised going to church and came to know Jesus when I was thirteen years old. After graduating from high school, I attended a community college for a nursing degree. After three semesters of college, I got put on the waitlist for the nursing program and, needing a break from Iowa, I attended the Medical Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM Kona. I had every intention of going back to nursing school after my DTS but the Lord had other plans for my life! While in Kona, the Lord called me to do the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) with YWAM Lakeside and later on DTS outreach, the Lord called me to do the Titus Project with YWAM.

During my time in SBS, I learned so much about who God is and His heart for His people to come into relationship with Him. Although studying through the whole Bible using the Inductive Study Method was challenging, I grew a lot in my understanding of God and my understanding of myself in Christ-like community. I will forever be grateful for that sweet season solely dedicated to studying God's word.

For the Titus Project, I spent two months in Mexico teaching Bible Overview, teaching how to study the Bible yourself using the Inductive Study Method, and preaching at local churches. During this time I had the amazing privilege of one-on-one discipling a young mom who had come to know Jesus one week before I had met her. I haven't met anyone more eager to know who Jesus is and to know His word. This just shows that God is still calling His people and the harvest is so ripe! There are many others in the world who are hungry to know who Jesus is and I want to be on the frontlines.

During my time in Mexico, the Lord called me to staff the Medical DTS with YWAM Kona, in the same place where my YWAM journey started. I love the heart of discipleship and it's very important for the next generation of Christians to be equipped in Knowing God and Making God Known. I'm honored to be able to partner with the Medical DTS in Making God Known in the nations and combining that with healthcare.

Partner with me prayerfully and financially as I join with YWAM in Making God Known in the next generation of believers and the nations.


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