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Aria Johnson

Aria Johnson


Hi, my name is Aria, and I love Jesus! I grew up going to church, but a little over a year ago I encountered Jesus like never before at a Carry the Love stop at my school during my senior year. Carry the Love is a nationwide college tour out of Circuit Riders that spreads the gospel, and encourages students to ‘Carry the Love’ of Jesus. During the stop at my school I saw authentic faith being lived out, felt contagious joy, and wanted more of it; I wanted more of Jesus. A hunger not only grew to know more of Jesus, but to join this community.

I joined Circuit Riders this past fall, and went on the very tour (Carry the Love) that changed my life. The Lord broke out like crazy everywhere we went, and we saw the power of Jesus transform the lives and hearts of college students.

My heart for college missions has never been bigger. There is a narrative that college is the time that you leave God behind, and explore, but I found Jesus in college, and it is my heart to see college students to the same.

This year I’m going back to join Circuit Riders on staff, and could not be more excited! If you have any questions please email me!

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