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Antonio Jacquet

Antonio Jacquet


Hi, I am Antonio Jacquet, married to Natsuko Kudo!

I am a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Tokyo Japan. I work with DTS (Disciple Training School) by training new missionaries to share the gospel focusing on making disciples, and taking them on outreach to Asian countries among the Unreached People Groups. At the same time, we are supporting and training the local churches.

I am also pastoring a bilingual Spanish/Japanese Church in Tokyo.

I moved from Paraguay and have been living in Japan since 2013. The day I left my country, I knew I would never be back to live in Paraguay because God gave me a long-term missionary calling.

I love living by faith, by listening to God’s voice and following Him, no matter what cost. I never allow money to tell me what I should do or not to do. Until now, God has always shown me His faithfulness by providing everything I need to fulfill His promises.

Japan’s population is 127,000,000. Only 1 percent of the people are Christians.

TOKYO is one of the most expensive cities to live in, in the world. The budget we need monthly is $2000 USD for living expenses.

Missionaries cannot work in Japan as it is illegal. We are making it possible by forming a Network of Friends of the Mission.

You can be part of the movement of God in Japan and Asia by partnering with us in prayer and financially.

Thank you so much.


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