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Alan Hyppolite

Alan Hyppolite


Where do I start? Well, Hello my name is Alan Hyppolite and I am currently 26 years old and in the process of building a team of investors. I am seeing partners who are not only looking to invest in me but in what God is doing through me and throughout the earth.

To begin, I was born in Orlando, Florida in an area called Paramore. Right now and back then that area has been widely known to be one of the inner cities in that area. The reason why I am starting with this because with living in that type of area. My family had to strongly rely on our core beliefs, which was in our faith in Jesus Christ.

As life progressed my family an I moved to another area which was called Pine Hills, an area that is now getting a reputation for its crime, drugs and shootings. In this time I saw a lot; from adultery to seeing my first gun in the sixth grade and also hearing stories of friends dying or going missing. In those times I knew of God but I never really sought out a relationship with Him because of what I begin to see in the church. After turning 18, my parents gave me the option to go to any church I wanted. Upon, leaving the church I grew up in I started to party and really stray away from anything “Christian”. It wasn’t until my cousin, Lunie, invited me to a house of prayer, that I really began to see Christ for who He really is.

As of today I am still fighting the good fight, thanking God every day and living in the fullness of my calling.

Sincerely, Alan R. Hyppolite

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