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April Harper

April Harper


I am a research scientist by trade and have a passion to see nations transformed by the power of God. One effective tool in transforming nations is seeing each sphere of society renovated. Within the economical sphere, the motor that drives economy is found in the innovations and discoveries from science. I believe science can be used in a powerful way to bring hope and healing to nations. In order to facilitate this transformation of nations, I am pioneering the ELON Research Institute, a ministry of Youth With A Mission.

I have been involved with missionary work since 1995 and in 2014 began to use my science skills full time on the mission field by establishing labs in remote areas. I currently have 4 labs in operation, 2 of which are in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. I have trained over 50 local community health care workers whom are also the leaders of the labs in the jungle. Together we have already developed new ways to diagnose leprosy as well as TB from lymph nodes and from joint fluid.

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