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Anna Haislet

Anna Haislet


Welcome friends! My name is Anna Haislet, and I have the honor of spreading the Gospel for a living.

Six years ago, God radically changed my life with His love, and I now can't help but share with others. I am currently working with Circuit Riders in California, touring college campuses throughout the US and Europe with the hope and love of Jesus.

As Paul wrote throughout His letters to the church, every part of the Body makes ministry possible. Prayer and monthly financial support are two areas of need during this full-time ministry season.

I'm looking to raise $3,000 a month for living expenses, transportation, and outreach. Monthly supporters are such a blessing as it regulates financial need—anywhere from $5 a month to whatever possible is such a gift!

If spreading the Gospel during such a time as this sparks something in your heart, I would truly love your partnership in this calling.

The harvest is so ripe—there is nothing I want more than to help reap more co-laborers before the coming of the King!

Truly thankful,


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