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Alexis Guy

Alexis Guy



My name is Alexis Elaine Guy and I am ministering full-time to the nations with Arise Global! I first felt the calling and burning for the nations when I was 16 years old. Since then, my heart has only continued to hunger and burn for the world to encounter and experience Jesus in a personal and real way. I have been to nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, Zambia, France, seeing people everywhere encounter the love of God and be transformed by his presence. I am now entering into full-time ministry after doing many short-term mission trips in the last 7 years, a 9-month mission trip, and three years of Bethel School of Ministry.

I will be serving full-time with Arise Global for the next three years. This ministry is focused on equipping and strengthening the global body of Christ and on raising up a new wave of missionaries strengthened to bring the Kingdom around the world. Every week we’ve been reaching the nations through prayer & encouragement sessions for leaders in East Asia, Kyrgyzstan, West Asia, and Russia. We’ve ministered to more than 90 missionaries in more than 34 countries, led Kingdom culture and leadership classes in Russia and Asia, led a homegroup for people wanting to go into missions, and in March launched a three-month online revival school in Romania. So many lives have been powerfully impacted by the power and love of Jesus!

As a staff member with Arise Global, we are responsible to build a team of financial supporters to partner with us in this ministry. I’m inviting people to partner with me monthly as I step into this exciting new adventure with the Lord. Thank you for considering partnering with me!


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