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Anna Gordon

Anna Gordon


My name is Anna Gordon, I’m a young missionary moving to the UK to work at a YWAM base managing their kitchen.


I have a huge heart for the lost and malnourished (physically and spiritually;) it is my greatest desire to see all come together at the Lords table. To see a community of believers, grow in their love and fellowship with one another and those they are reaching out to. I want to embrace the hungry and Feed them just as Jesus did, whether that means Bible studies in our cafeteria or a hot meal to soothe a hungry belly.


To make my vision possible I need the kind donations of supporters like you. My goal is to reach £450 per month (or $570) in fundraising. I need your help, so if you feel God is calling you to give, please pray and know that you will be affecting the lives of not only myself, but every person I welcome to my table.


God bless! and if you are being called then I look forward to welcoming you into my community 🤎



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