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Abigail Geist

Abigail Geist


Why Japan: The beautiful land of Japan is one of the most modern, inventive, and creative cultures to ever exist. It is also one of the nations with the lowest amount of Christianity. Only 1% of the Japanese population knows God as their loving and personal Father. While, historically, Japan used to have a high Christian population, anger at the foreign influences and western colonization led to tragedy. The Japanese Government associated Christ with foreign invasion. To preserve the Japanese culture, The Japanese Christians were persecuted into obscurity. The lack of Christianity shows in the culture. Many Japanese, while deeply spiritual, are struggling to find fulfillment in their lives. Many wonder what their purpose is, yet having no answer. Sadly, Japan has one of the highest suicide epidemics in the world, especially among the youth. Japan deserves the message and love that Christ brings. Christ belongs in Japan, as Christ is not a western God, but a God of all. Bringing the Word of God to modern worlds can be a challenge, but we believe that Japan is ready to have a revival.

Personal Bio: I’ve personally always had a love of Asia. My Grandfather is from China and I grew up with a deep respect of all Asian Cultures. I’ve felt called to go the Japan since I was fifteen. I attended a DTS to Tokyo in 2015, and shortly after was accepted as a full-time staff. I have been working towards returning ever since. My goal is attending a school of worship in Japan to better prepare me as a leader. I then plan to move permanently to Japan. I’m hoping to have enough monthly funds to focus 100% on ministry.

As a ministry we will be focusing on:

Reaching out to the Youth. Preparing Japanese Ministers to reach out to their people. Help mend the broken relationship between the Asian Nations and the damage done by Western influences and actions. Bring Christ to everyone who will listen. Thank you for your prayers and for listening.

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