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Amina Fuller

Amina Fuller


Hi friends and family,

I am moving to Los Angeles, California as a full-time missionary. I will be helping to plant a Prayer House to provide a place to bring a heart of prayer and worship to the Church in Los Angeles, for people to encounter Jesus throughout the week, and bring revival to the streets of Los Angeles.

We are convinced that giving people space to come and worship Him is the most effective way to see the Church equipped, empowered, and sent out. This summer, I will be one of over 50 missionaries laboring in Los Angeles, united in our mission to see God pour out His Spirit upon His people. As His hands and feet, I am committed to bringing the gospel to the forgotten, the marginalized, and the broken-hearted wherever he sends me.

In this hour, Jesus is calling me to step out of the boat and walk to his outstretched hand as a fisher of men. 3 Billion people have never experienced the love of God and heard the Good News. We are all a part of the solution.


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