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Alexis Frazier

Alexis Frazier


Hi friends!

My name's Alexis Frazier and I am a full time creative missionary with Circuit Riders. The Circuit Riders and their media team are a YWAM mission and training community that launches evangelistic movements and creates content that that will amplify the Gospel, catalyze global impact, and reach the next generation with the love of Christ.

With this opportunity comes a gigantic need for support. Every Circuit Rider, staff, intern, and student alike, commit to fundraising their own salary. Would you take the time to prayerfully consider financially supporting me?

Partnering with me would help me meet the costs of basic living and travel essentials such as groceries, gas, flights, bills, etc. After crafting a budget according to these costs, I have a monthly need of $1,800. I want to be extremely careful, responsible, and considerate when it comes to stewarding any blessing given. Please know that your donation would only go towards supporting these necessities while I continue to pursue freelance work outside my 9-5 missions work.

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully consider donating and supporting me alongside this journey. If you are unable to join me financially at this time, I would love for you to join me in prayer for provision!


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