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Alejandro & Elizabeth Peraza

Alejandro & Elizabeth Peraza




We are Alejandro and Elizabeth. We have been active in missions since 1994. I, Alejandro have also been in pastoral ministry since 1993, always being assisted by Elizabeth, and both involved in church planting since 1984. We have served primarily in Cuba. We have been married for 38 years, we have three children, already married, and six grandchildren.


We moved to the United States in March of 2023. We are currently settling in Oklahoma. We recently completed a Church Planting Residency, and are beginning a Hispanic church plant in Edmond, Oklahoma. We also plan to continue supporting the church and the mission in Cuba.


We have worked in youth ministries, marriage ministries, church planting, pioneering ministries, training leaders, processes to restore congregations, and training and mentoring leaders, missionaries and pastors.


We are part of the national leadership of DCPI-Cuba (Dynamic Church Planting International), where we serve as master instructors, teaching church planting seminars, and mentoring planters. We also started in Cuba the Ministry “Foundations for the International Family” (FFI), of which we are its national coordinators.


Our main ministry has been to be the initiators and leaders of YWAM in Cuba, for 30 years. This mission has had to be carried out underground, linked to some already established local churches. Also, in these last eleven years we have been part of the pastoral planting team of the “Paths of Justice” Church, in Havana, Cuba. At whose headquarters we have carried out many of YWAM's ministerial activities. By the grace of God, we have held seminars in churches, mini schools, EDEs/DTS, mini arts schools, Biblical Worldview School, ministries with artists, with entrepreneurs, with children, and with families.

Alejandro & Elizabeth

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