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Alexandra Egidio

Alexandra Egidio


Hey y’all I am Alex Egidio, a full time missionary with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) primarily based out of Kona, Hawaii!


YWAM is a global missions organization with Christians from different countries, cultures, and ages all focused on knowing God and making Him known across the nations. YWAM, at its core, is focused on going to the ends of the earth to share the love of Christ so that every people group, tribe, and tongue will all confess that Jesus is Lord.


In 2020, I did my DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Kona, Hawaii with Fire & Fragrance — a ministry under YWAM. During that time, it was made very apparent that not many pursue overseas missions for the long haul. It is very clear to me though the nations are on the heart of God, and He is looking for those who are willing to say yes to go.


This year will be my 4th official year with YWAM as a full-time missionary! I am committed to help fulfill the Great Commission through overseas missions. The specific commitment I have in serving with YWAM right now is to help train incoming students to know God through prayer, worship, intercession, evangelism, and class times focused on diligently knowing the word of God as well as various topics of the Christian faith and life to share on the mission field. After students receive their training in Kona, the next part of my role is to take outreach teams to other nations for 3 months to serve through diverse ministry opportunities. Throughout my time in serving with YWAM I have taken teams to the Philippines, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea.


Now here’s the ask - Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and finances to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission?


- Finances: My goal for monthly financial support is $2230 and any amount helps and blesses. This number covers all living, transportation, and ministry expenses.


- Prayer: I am asking for prayer partners to come alongside me and agree with Heaven over the ministry in the nations. Prayer for the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation so that I may know God more (Ephesians 1:17), prayer that I would be ready and equipped to share the gospel by being ready for every good work (Titus 3:1), and prayer ultimately that Philippians 2:9-11 will truly become reality and Jesus will receive the true worship of the nations.



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