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André Dias

André Dias


Hello! My name is André Dias. I graduated from Gordon College back in 2022 with a bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies, concentrating in Global Christianity and Pastoral Ministry. I have always known that God had placed me here to do ministry full-time ever since I applied for college back in 2018.

I am excited to share that I have been accepted to join the fall 2023 DTS program by Youth with a Mission called Circuit Riders, a mission and training based community in Huntington Beach California.

This 7 month program is designed to help train me to launch movements that passionately impact my generation (Gen Z) with the life changing truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In this upcoming fall, I will receive comprehensive training in discipleship, leadership development, and spiritual formation. Equipped with these skills, my desire is to live as Jesus called us to live by reaching out to the lost sheep of our generation and sharing with them about the man that changed my life and many others!

The mission of the Circuit Riders is to reach young people with the Gospel, equipping Gen Z to know God's word, to live full surrendered lives to Jesus, and walk out the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. We want to inspire a generation to love like Jesus in a world that seems to be getting darker and more wicked every single day. 

Being part of the Circuit Rider staff means I will be working day in and day out partnering with God on His vision and rallying young people through outreach, event planning, administrative organizing, and meeting with local leaders and churches to see this happen.

This is where you come in!

Becoming a monthly partner not only involves you in what God is going to be doing and IS doing today, but it also provides for me for my tuition fees, everyday needs and my outreach expenses so that I can be able to successfully and realistically carry out this mission! I will also post my Venmo and CashApp links if you want to do a one time donation, which is totally ok with me.

But most important of all, I invite you to pray with me throughout this journey because PRAYER IS POWERFUL and it WORKS!

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