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Anson Ben

Anson Ben


After a successful career in banking operations and consulting, I joined INK as Executive Director. INK is known for bringing TED ( to India. This is where I discovered that my calling was to be at the intersection of teaching and stories. My journey then led me to organize TED-like events for corporates and conduct training and coaching programs. But deep down I knew my calling was meant for Kingdom purposes.

So in 2022, under the strongest guidance I ever received from the Lord, we moved as a family (wife and 16yo daughter) from India to California. I pursued a Kingdom focused program on screenwriting while my wife delved into acting. This period clarified my vision.

Imagine a triangle with three points representing Conference, Cinema, and Courses. The conference, styled after TED, will showcase how God shows up unusually in the lives of people. These stories will inspire some of the short films we create, revealing the heart of the Father and drawing people closer to Him. The courses will then guide individuals on how to deepen their intimacy and personally experience the Father as portrayed in the conference and films.

Our goal is to shape Kingdom culture and thinking at the intersection of art, science, design, technology, and more.

We invite you to partner with us on this journey to establish His way of thinking and doing on this earth. (I also have been admitted to first year BSSM - Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry)


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