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The Proclamation Task

The Proclamation Task

Mission Organization

The Proclamation Task (PT) is a ministry and registered NGO charitable organization in Uganda. PT promotes biblical priorities in the local church, centered on the diligent study of God's Word for a faithful proclamation of the Gospel message. Our ministry, established in 1999, has a five-prong approach.

Pastoral Training: We equip bible teachers and biblical preachers to be godly leaders who are diligent in studying, faithful in expounding and relevant in applying God's Word

Shalom Effort: We reach women with Bible teaching and encourage them to nurture fellow women in Christ. We share with pastors' wives practical and sustainable ways to supplement their household income as per Proverbs 31.

Student Initiative: We travel to local universities and colleges to teach the Bible and train Christian students to correctly handle the Bible message in their setting.

Literature Resource: We gather, publish and distribute Christian books and articles in Christian magazines.

Workplace Ministry: We help Christians in the workplace embrace their vocations as missional, recognizing that not all Christians are called to "full-time ministry", but all are called to minister full time.

PT's overall ministry is anchored by the PT Institute educational institution and supported by the PT Center facility.

Our PT Institute offers a formalized, flexible program of studies starting with a Graduate Studies Certificate that leads to a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Intercultural Studies. Overseen by a nine-person council, chaired by Dr. Julius Twongyeirwe, the PT Institute seeks to develop Christian workers committed to biblical faithfulness and cultural relevance.

Our PT Center is located in Kampala on land first acquired in 2003 and gradually improved through the prayers and gifts of PT supporters. It now has sufficient infrastructure to host on-site conferences and PT Institute classes. There is a classroom building, small library, beautiful chairs and tables, good beds and mattresses for housing students, and forthcoming kitchen, dining hall and on-site residence for grounds staff.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about PT's ministry in Africa (

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