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the greenhouse project

The Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project

The Vision 

Greenhouses are incubators, meant to raise and nourish what starts as seeds and becomes fruitful plants able to be rooted in soils all across different terrains. 

What if church looked like a greenhouse? 

Incubators to raise up waves of the next generation with Kingdom DNA, nourishing new leaders through formation, and equipping kingdom laborers to plant themselves in whatever soil the Spirit leads. 

We believe this is our mission - to cultivate Kingdom Laborers. 

And we believe the best place to plant greenhouses is across college campuses and in college towns, where curious seekers naturally gather and will be scattered across the nations of the world. 

Envision with us - what if these students scattered not just with a career but a calling

This is Cultivate Network. We are a missions organization that exists to cultivate kingdom laborers through the campus to the world. 

And we are seeking to plant our first greenhouse at The Greenhouse

Michigan State University ranks among the top ten universities for population of international students, with over 9,000 international students from over 140 different nations. Many of these students are from 10/40 window regions where a missionary from the United States often has little or no access.

Furthermore, early studies estimate only 4% of Gen Z profess Jesus. We are becoming one of the greatest unreached people groups on the planet. 

It’s time to start again at ground zero. Now is the time to labor at the seed level. 

Help us build the first greenhouse at The Greenhouse

The Need

The Greenhouse Project is an effort to raise enough funds to help procure housing for Mike and Leah Ureche, the founders and executive directors of Cultivate Network. 

Mike and Leah Ureche have been leading grassroots missional movements through churches, missions agencies, and from their dinner table for over a decade. 

Due to Cultivate Network’s new birth and their self-employment status, Mike and Leah are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. Combining that with a staggering rental shortage in East Lansing, housing options are in short supply. 

A Word From Mike and Leah

It is our hope to be able to purchase a home within walking distance to campus in order to engage many first year students who often don’t have transportation, including many international students who often can’t obtain a drivers license while in the United States. Houses within proximity to campus are naturally more expensive, competitive, and harder to obtain. 

In combination with our life savings, we hope to raise $250,000 towards the purchase of a home. 

We believe an invitation into family is the greatest apologetic to the next generation. As we have multiplied fruit, we’ve always seen the greatest nourishment and multiplication come right from our dinner table. 

We hope to both be welcomers to our table and home, and as we have done in previous seasons with young adults, see the hospitality of Jesus modeled and multiplied by those in our spiritual family to other dorms, apartments, and homes across the campus. 

For us, our home is our ministry hub. It is a greenhouse, a place of coming and going, a place of formation, a place to experience family and the spirit of adoption. A place to be activated, equipped, and sent with the Good News of Jesus.

Would you please consider helping us in constructing this greenhouse through a one-time, tax-deductible donation towards the purchase of our future ministry hub. 

Thank you, 

Mike, Leah, Della, Juniper, and Revere Ureche

For any questions or to have a conversation with Mike and Leah, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Phone: (296) 501-3029 


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