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PT Portland Oregon Trip

PT Portland Oregon Trip

The Proclamation Task - 2024 Portland, Oregon Visit 

Julius and Grace Twongyeirwe have a wonderful opportunity to visit the USA this summer.  They are invited to attend the Perspectives 50th anniversary conference in Chicago, July 17-20, 2024.  Julius and Grace are among many national leaders from around the world who are attending as guests of the Perspective organization.

In March, Julius suggested extending their USA trip to include a visit to Portland, Oregon, where he studied at Western Seminary (MDiv 2006;  DMiss 2013), served at various local churches, and developed many long-lasting relationships.  As you may know, Julius suffered a mini-stroke early in 2023 and months later received a heart pacemaker. By the grace of God, Julius has noticeably improved and can now travel. He and Grace desire to greet and thank in person those who prayed and stood with them over the past year and a half.  

Plans are underway to fly Julius and Grace to Portland after the Chicago conference ends, for a stay of approximately three weeks (July 21-August 12).  The PT-USA support team ( , based in the Portland area, has started making arrangements.  Already, friends and supporters have offered to:

  • Provide housing 

  • Contribute to their needs for groceries, household, and personal supplies.

  • Help drive Julius and Grace around in Portland. 

  • Contribute to their airfare (Chicago to Portland) 

  • Arrange dental and vision visits for them.

The estimated cost for the Portland segment of their USA visit is $6900-7500 depending on actual airfare (Chicago-Portland), groceries, local transportation, gas prices, healthcare provider visits, household and personal supplies, etc.    

It’s been encouraging to see the progress to date toward this goal.  

Friends and supporters of PT are invited to help share in the support for this trip, as the Lord may lead.

Any amounts received over the needed amount for trip expenses will be transferred to the PT Uganda general fund for ministry in Uganda.

For the latest information about this visit please visit The Proclamation Task website and see the section  “2024 Portland visit”

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