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Kairos Culture

Kairos Culture

Mission Organization

Kairos Culture, based in Newark, New Jersey is an apostolic, revivalist movement designed to connect, equip and permeate Christians in strategies for Kingdom advancement. Our mission is to activate people to invite Jesus into every area of life and society, so that the Glory of God is known to every person, in every place, and the world is brought into the fulfillment of its greatest God-given potential. The ways in which we carry out this mission is through a culture of worship and intercession, community cultivation, training and equipping programs, supernatural "glory gatherings", intentional education and activation, and innovation as it pertains to artistic worship expression.

We've adopted an Acts 17:6 mandate. One in which we are to turn our cities, regions, and nations upside down and ultimately making it a habitation for our Lord Jesus Christ - "Cities turned sanctuaries".

Our core team is comprised of leaders that are committed to every area of our operation whether it be educational training, outreaches, event management, administration, finance, creative expression, and more. This team has been "ekballo'd" into the missional field by the Holy Spirit and have laid their lives down to see His bride prepared for the coming of their King. A commitment like this calls for a radical obedience that demands from us a greater expression of faith for the supernatural release of financial support and provision from the Father Himself as well as those that are apprehended to partner with Him.

As led by the Spirit, we're asking that you partner with us to see the will of the Lord made manifest not only in Newark, but surrounding cities and greater regions."

You may also give by check, if you like. Please make checks payable to "EquipNet" and make sure you include my account Equip3743 in the Memo Section on the face of your check.

Please mail to: EquipNet, P.O. Box 860 Alamo, CA 94507

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