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Bright Project

Bright Project

Mission Organization

The Bright Project is a ministry that helps equip Christian artists (painters, musicians, singers, illustrators, designers) in their identity in Christ as creatives.  The ministry focuses on acquiring a Biblical world view, to help artists overcome the prevailing lies in our culture and to build within them a strong foundation of God’s truth.  The ministry also focuses on spiritual warfare because as we know all too well, the arts have been the enemy’s playground through millennia.  The degradation of our culture is a vivid indication of the need for a renaissance of Christian artists to display the glory of God and bring restoration and transformation. 

God’s beauty, His truth and His Goodness are easily identifiable in Christian artists who both understand and work within their creative expressions – in fact, it is divinely purposeful that Christian artists were given gifts to express the glory of God in such fullness to draw people to Himself.   By equipping Christian artists, not only do the artists benefit by their empowerment, but communities and churches also benefit due to the enhanced capability of reaching people.

Your donations go toward operational costs and helping selected Christian artists receive assistance through grants and scholarships for their training and outreach.

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