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Anti-Trafficking Bureau

Mission Organization

Anti-Trafficking Bureau was established in 2017 as an incorporated association registered in the Dominican Republic to serve victims of human trafficking anywhere in the world. We go above and beyond to seek out, find and rescue every human trapped in human trafficking and apprehend those responsible so they can be prosecuted for their crimes. We believe every person should be given the opportunity to experience a life of abundance not to be oppressed for profit by nefarious others.




ATB’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) conducts covert and overt investigative and intelligence operations through the pre-operational, operational, and post-operational phases obtaining evidence through various intelligence sources.

The planning of a rescue operation takes precision and timing. ATB always works with a collaboration order issued by law enforcement requesting operational assistance.

ATB investigations have been responsible for the arrest of 61 traffickers and the recovery of hundreds of victims.

All victims deserve to feel safe and supported, and our goal is to build trust and respect from the moment victims enter the Trafficking Assessment Center. Each case will be assessed through our collaborative efforts and the appropriate decisions will be determined with each individual for their journey towards healing, self-sufficiency and independence.

Anit Trafficking Bureau's approach to combatting human trafficking starts with effective collaboration. Along with federal and local law enforcement, special investigators, healthcare management professionals and various service providers, Anti Trafficking Bureau coordinates comprehensive services in the areas of education and prevention, intelligence and investigation and specialized victim care management. 

Thank you for your donation and show of support for ATB.

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