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Michael Brickley


In January, 2021, I was ending my 22 years with the Pocket Testament League, where I was Chief Executive Officer. I prayed a scary prayer: “Lord, I do not want to retire, please give me something interesting that you want me to do!”


God answered that prayer in a BIG way. While getting pocket Bibles for a pastor in Pakistan, I was asked if I could provide gift boxes for the “bricks slave children”. I had no idea what that was, and after I did some research I was disgusted and dismayed by what I learned. I learned that there are over 1,000,000 people, mostly Christians, enslaved in brick making slave camps in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This is NOT OK! In Pakistan, if you are a minority group member and need medical care, the only way you can pay for it is to get a loan from a brick making slave camp. You get the money, but then need to move your family into the brick kiln and make 1,000 bricks out of mud every day until the debt is repaid. Unfortunately, once in the slave camp, you learn that you can never earn enough to pay the debt off. And what is even worse, you learn that when you die, your children inherit the debt. This results in generational slavery.

Brick Making.tiff

I decided to try and rescue all these people. In the first 12 months we have rescued over 1,500 people, started over 300 small businesses for them, enrolled hundreds of children in school for the very first time, and ended over 12,000 years of combined slavery! God is on the move! I am thankful for all who have contributed to make this happen.


Even though donations are covering the debt repayment and resettlement costs for the slaves,  I do not take any funds from those donations, and yet I am working full time on this and incurring many office and travel expenses to coordinate our rescue efforts . My goal is to rescue all of 1,000,000 people in the slave camps. Would you consider walking alongside me, and  helping me with these costs? Thank you for whatever God might put on your heart. 


Blessings, Mike

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