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Kokoro Care – Tokyo

Kokoro Care – Tokyo

Mission Organization

Kokoro Care Tokyo is a network of Christian volunteers living in Tokyo as well as visiting from abroad. As One in Christ, we seek to serve the poor and homeless where they are: in their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs through our Sidewalk Chapel services - prayer, worship, testimonies, Biblically based messages, small group discussions and Discipleship Training Bible Studies. All in or around Yoyogi Park in Shibuya Tokyo since 2008.

Every week of every year we have an influx of marginalized people coming to our worship. They hunger not only for physical food but mental and spiritual food. Kokoro means "Heart" in Japanese. We are unique in that by God's grace in Spirit and Truth, we provide for their heart and soul needs through personal fellowship and the sharing of the Bible. Our goal is to share the Gospel as the Spirit sanctifies us all through personal and intimate discipleship.

Our second goal is to enlarge and unify the network of Japanese and resident foreign Christians so that churches in Tokyo may have a greater awareness and larger acceptance of the marginalized souls among us- thus creating a full spectrum of the body of Christ in our city.

For questions, please email Shig Okaya at

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