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Greg Steele serves as the Administrator and Principal at North Creek Academy and Preschool, Northern California's oldest and largest Classical Christian School. Greg entered the field of education as a public elementary school teacher in 1987. He joined the administrative team of a nearby Christian school in 1992, eager to combine the schoolhouse with the ability to point children and families to Jesus Christ. He's never left! Greg holds a Bachelor's Degree from Multnomah University, and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Cairn University.

As a thirteen-year-old, Greg met Bob Norsworthy at a summer youth outreach program. Bob had recently surrendered his life to Christ, and Bob and his wife Cindi soon after began investing their time in discipling students. The ensuing years forged a friendship between the Norsworthys and the Steele families, with shared commitments to Global Missions ministries, including international students, community transformation ministry in Africa, and as board members for a private foundation that acted as an incubator for transformational leaders and projects around the world.

Greg acts as a constant confidant and advisor to EquipNet and is dedicated to seeing EquipNet fulfill its core mission expanding the Kingdom of God globally and into all the formative spheres of society.

Greg's great joy is found in the mission of Christian Education in the ministry of the Christian school, where the impetus of cultivating academic excellence intersects with the privilege of proclaiming Christ to students and parents who are yet to know the love of God!


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