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Elbert Paul is a native of Vancouver, Canada but has lived in the San Francisco, Bay Area for the past twenty years. Elbert has a diverse background in philanthropy, ministry and business. Most recently, his work-related experience has included being Executive Director for seven years for a private Family Foundation, Vice-President of Business Development for Trov, a leading FinTech Startup in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mr. Paul is currently, President of Northern California for the National Christian Foundation.

Alongside his passion for NCF - Elbert is also on the Engagement Team for Generous Giving; and helps facilitate Generous Giving, Journey of Generosity Events, while also supporting volunteer facilitators and hosts in Northern California. (

Lastly, Elbert is a Board Member and Advisor for a early stage to encourage those who have been entrusted with much to more effectively resource the causes that God has given them passion for.  Elbert also is serving the startup - IndieDwell California, a modular housing solution for those experiencing housing crises and financial challenges; as well as serving on the Board of FRDM (, a technology platform that helps brings transparency to corporate supply chains amidst the risks of Global Slavery and Exploitation. 

Elbert met his wife Amy in San Luis Obispo originally and they now have three children; Addie, Brennan and Ella. His family loves sports, and special trips to the beach and mountains always brings life and much laughter!

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