A Christian Reads the Qur'an

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Mehmet curiously glanced at his gift copy of A Christian Reads the Qur'an promising to read it. The next day he excitedly said, "I started reading the book, it's good, it makes good sense."

During the 2017 Islamic Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al Adha), James Wright began to carefully read the Qur'an. A small vision germinated in his heart. The vision was to read the Qur'an as a Christian and then respectfully and honestly speak to Muslims in the book A Christian Reads the Qur'an (CRTQ). No one had done anything like this before. Very quickly others caught the vision.

Translators completed versions in Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and many other languages. A CRTQ social media team began administering pages in multiple languages reaching around the world. In the US a partner ministry initiated the Every Imam Outreach to present the CRTQ to every mosque in the country. From 2019 to the present the CRTQ Outreach Project has reached millions of Muslims to dispel myths, alter prejudices and present the clear Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

The CRTQ Concept is a unique and effective way to connect Muslims with the Gospel.

"It is a 'one of a kind' book, and I would HIGHLY recommend both Muslim and Christian to read this book!" Joel A. Central Asia

"I would absolutely recommend anyone who desires to build relationships with Muslims to read this book." A.C.

Donations go entirely to supporting project expenses such as translators, social media staff and advertising , printing and production, and related items. CRTQ Outreach project is completely non-profit and Executive Director James Wright works with an advisory team, partners and staff in overseeing operations. email: info@christianreadsquran.com.