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Ivan Riehl

Hello Everyone

My name is Ivan, I am a full-time student at Jesus School based out of Jesus Image Church in Orlando Florida. Jesus School has one main ambition: to Love Him and Live in His Presence and to see a Jesus people raised up that will shake the earth for the Glory of God. Who will impact the nations of the world with the power and LOVE of the Gospel.

My Time at Jesus Image will be spent realistically sitting at the feet of Jesus. Luke 10:38-42. Learning how to Love the Lord, and how to share the gospel to the world, Growing in community and my Relationship with God.

A time of filling up and refining as I dive deep into a new season of full dependence on and devotion to Him. I am believing for the wallpaper within my heart to be torn down to be realigned with His word and His Spirit. Becoming an empty vessel for Him to fill with oil. Giving up all of myself in exchange for Him, so I can live the life He truly intended and designed for me to live.

Visit this link for more info:

Jesus School is a House for His Glory and a people who Love Him with everything in their hearts. It really is all about JESUS.

It is truly an honor that the Lord has made it possible for me to be a part of this school. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all the Lord has done in my life and will continue to do in this next season. I believe more than ever the Lord is calling his sons and daughters to awaken and arise. The Time is now. The time is now for intimacy with our Father and for relationship to know the True, matchless, unconditional Love of God. As we gaze upon Him, we are transformed into His image and become a greater light to those searching for a way out of darkness.

My life has been turned upside-down by the sweet love and beautiful lordship of Jesus. I have become fully alive by saying "YES" to Him and I am passionate to see others experience this same life-giving joy found in full surrender.

I want to personally thank everyone who already has so kindly sowed into what the Lord is doing in and through me! I want you all to know that you are partnering with Him and with Heaven and because of your willingness to partner with the Lord through this life He has given me, you will in turn reap the harvest as well! because you're not merely sowing into a person but sowing into the will of God to manifest in the earth!

I stand confident knowing that JESUS SCHOOL and JESUS IMAGE CHURCH is where the Lord wants me for this next season of my life. And I truly believe with all my heart that it will be at this place that a foundation with the Lord will be built in my life that will steward me for years and years into my future. Whether that means staying for 1 year, or 3 years, or however long He wants me there. I will be there. My one and only goal is to be obedient to HIM and to Love Him. I have learned I am most effective when I am in His will. My obedience to Him is how I love Him.

Would you pray about partnering with me both financially and through prayer? While I am specifically building out a monthly giving team, one-time gifts are absolutely appreciated as well. Each gift is tax-deductible. It is a dream to invite you on this journey with me.

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will reap also" (Galatians 6:7 NKJV)

Your support means everything to me. Each prayer is heard, and each dollar is used for His Kingdom. You are each a part of this movement of God! By your prayer and support, you are with me as I go!

Please text or call me if you have any questions



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