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Wesley Anderson

Wesley Anderson


My name is Wesley Graham Anderson and I have given God a blank check over my life and told Him to write on that check whatever He pleases.

Here is my mission: I am a YWAM Missionary. Every 5-6 months I travel to India to bring the love of Jesus. A few years ago I got the opportunity to trek Bibles deep into the remote Himalayas of Nepal. This trip forever changed my life, after this trip I knew that I had an obligation to go to the unreached people groups across Southeast Asia. I am currently based out of Kona, Hawaii. I am in contact with long term workers in New Delhi and from Delhi I am in contact with workers in the mountains of North India.

I will be working with long term workers in the mountains to see villages all across North India reached with a Bible and the gospel. Every 5-6 months I will be bringing back with me about 500 SD cards that go in android smart phones, these SD cards play audibly the book of John along with praise and worship songs in the Hindi language.

With anything comes finances, but finances will not hold me back from accomplishing the will of God. The lord showed me in a dream four months ago me walking through India passing out Bibles. This is Gods heart for the unreached to be reached. I need $1000 of monthly support to make this trip every 5 months.

Will you partner with me?


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