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Tabitha Stender

Tabitha Stender


Hello friends and family! My name is Tabitha Stender, and I am joining YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Kona as a member of staff in their School of Biblical Studies!

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is an intensive nine-month school that leads students through all 66 books of the Bible, studying it inductively. Through this program students will become equipped to look at the word for themselves within the context of historical and literary background. Along with seeing the entirety of scripture, students will also get the joy of discovering God's character and nature and continue building on that for years to come.

I did my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in January 2020 in Colorado Springs, CO, through YWAM, where I first got a glimpse of who God was. I was curious and wanted to learn more, but my time was cut short because of Covid. After returning home, my desire to learn more grew, and I decided to take the School of Biblical Studies course in Kona, Hawaii. This school completely transformed my life and taught me to love Jesus wholeheartedly and dedicate my life to seeing others get met with His love.

The impact that the school has made on my life is something I want to contribute to the lives of the upcoming students within the school. My role as staff would include being a Bible teacher, which will likely entail teaching a book a quarter and going into depth in studying to provide the best resources for the students. I will also be coaching and grading students, and my personal favorite is being able to disciple students and watch as the school transforms their lives!

YWAM is an entirely volunteer ministry, therefore my position would also be completely voluntary and unpaid ( I would love to answer any questions about this, if you have any!). With this, I hope to gather a team to partner with me financially and through prayer on a monthly basis. Assembling a group will allow me to commit full-time as staff within the School of Biblical Studies for my living and ministry expenses.

As I step into this role as staff for SBS in Kona, Hawaii, I am grateful for you and hope you can help me in supporting me, either financially or prayerfully!

Love you dearly,


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