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Timothy & Madalyn Babak

Timothy & Madalyn Babak


Howdy, my name is Timothy Babak and my wife’s name is Madalyn and we have a baby boy named Hezekiah. 

In 2021 my life was falling apart, I fell into addiction, my marriage was failing and we were getting a divorce. I came to a point where I had no more hope left and wanted to end my life, but I called out onto the Lord as my last option and He opened a door for me to go to a rehab center with God Will Provide. Today I’m 2 years sober, I have a beautifully restored marriage and I have been delivered from the darkness that oppressed my mind. All glory be to the King.

My wife and I have been called to leave behind our life and pursue whereever God calls us to. Whether it’s another country or another state or city. We have been through GWP missionary school and went on a few missions together.

God called us to Vanuatu and we will be going to help out the team there and to live and walk with the Lord for a year +. God has also put it on our heart to start Valley of the Shadow Ministries. We have created a website and we are working towards this non-profit to pursue the calling in our life. We target the Christian’s who are struggling in the valleys and the unbelievers who are left in the shadows. My wife and I work together to encourage and exort as well as counsel the audience we’re targeting. 

We are in need of prayers and finances for our move as a family to Vanuatu and our monthly expenses there. Please pray for me and my family, we understand the struggles that we will have to face but we know not to fear for the Lord has called us.

Timothy, Madalyn & Hezekiah

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