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Taia Harris

Taia Harris


Hi! My name is Taia Bian and I am a full-time missionary with YWAM Circuit Riders, a mission dedicated to using every tool available to reach this generation with Jesus' salvation.

In 2021, the Lord answered my prayers of over 6 years, that He would "send me." For the first time in my life, I had clear direction on what I was meant to do in my next season. So as I prepared to graduate from university, I also prepared to take six months post-grad to participate in a missionary training school and travel the country with Circuit Riders. Little did I know that God wasn't just calling me for a season, but for a life of missions.

There are some things that you see, and you know you can't ever turn back. On our brief two-month tour in the spring of 2022, I saw hundreds of people give their lives to Jesus. I watched young men in a rehab center in Mexico set on fire for the Gospel and turn around and preach it to their peers. I saw South and Central American refugees turn to the Father, hopeless and broken, with the biggest smiles and an overflow of joy because they had encountered the one who would restore, protect, and provide for them. In the Midwest, I watched as tens of thousands of Gen Z were touched and activated by the simple Gospel and the Great Commission, and I knew that God created me for such a time as this.

Circuit Riders' motto is "Save the lost. Revive the saved. Train them all." My heart burns for that mission because I've seen it in real-time. I've preached the Gospel to people who have never heard it, who never knew the freedom found in Jesus. And I've seen them accept it. I've seen them give everything to Jesus. I've seen Christians who have been burned, who have given up, come to remember the joy of their salvation. I've seen them get excited again because now they know the one true living God for who He really is. And I've seen all of these people, turn around with a fire for Jesus and go out and share the Good News. This is what I give my life to laboring for.

Would you prayerfully consider investing in seeing revival break out across America and to the nations? As I've prayed to the Lord of the harvest that He would send out workers into the field, He has answered this prayer by sending me, as He did for the twelve in Matthew 10:5. I will invest in this kingdom work with all that I have to give and I believe that God is appointing people who want to see His will done on earth as it is in Heaven and He is commissioning them to sow into this work. Would you consider investing financially in me, to see the Great Commission fulfilled?

Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest."

-Matthew 9:37-38

Jesus sent out these twelve after giving them instructions: "Don't take the road that leads to the Gentiles, and don't enter any Samaritan town. Instead, go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As you go, proclaim, 'The kingdom of heaven has come near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you received, freely give. Don't acquire gold, silver, or copper for your money-belts. Don't take a traveling bag for the road, or an extra shirt, sandals, or a staff, for the worker is worthy of his food."

-Matthew 10:5-10


Taia Bian

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